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Performers BBQ Club

The Performers BBQ Club is an exclusive group of meat lovers from Whistler living life by the rules of fire and smoke.  We had fun outfitting their rugged members with everything from edgy full-back embroidered vests, to zippo lighters, cutting boards, mats, tongs and more.

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The Performers - Embroidered Clip-on BBQ Towels

With sticky sauces, rubs and smoke, members keep their Performers clean with embroidered team towels.

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The Performers - Engraved Plaques

A "Members Only" plaque for to adorn each Weber "Performer."  To be given out only after a pledge is accepted onto the team.

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The Performers - Member Embroidered Vests

These signature exclusive vests cap off an amazing merchandize program.  Complete with three placements including a beautiful full-back logo and left chest nickname.  Pride at the BBQ or on the motor bike.

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The Performers - Custom Engraved BBQ Tongs

Flip, sizzle, serve.  Every BBQ team needs customized tongs to add to their club's own flavour!

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The Perfomers - LED Embroidered Hats

BBQ is a day and night activity with some performances an all night affair.  With these custom embroidered with LED lights embedded in the peak, you can light up your grill anytime.

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The Performers - BBQ Mats

When you spend hours tweaking your heat and smoke, you need to keep your feet happy.  A clean and tidy zone is what makes BBQ performances great.  Custom mats are funny, amazing and most of all, who else has one!?

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The Performers - Custom Zippo Lighters

When you live by fire, start it with the best. Custom Peformers Zippo lighters complete a custom membership package that leaves no stone unturned.

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The Performers - Solid Wood Engraved Cutting Boards

These beautiful cutting boards await the next delicious BBQ "performance."  These boards are fully decorated with The Peformers logo, from edge to edge.