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Promosapien’s Superfly Award Winning Thank You

We think our customers are superfly!  That’s why we send each of them this engraved and printed glider to thank them for being so awesome.  This balsam wood glider and postcard are a fun, thoughtful and easy to mail gift.

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Promosapien's Air Mail Thank You

What we really want our clients to do is to "Have a little fun on us!"  Our packages arrive each with a personal note and a custom glider to let them know that life is fun and we dig working with them!

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Promosapien's Superfly Glider

We think our customers are superfly!  To thank them, we send custom gliders so they can let everyone in the office know.

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Promosapien's Top Gun Glider

Hey Maverick, how much fun is it to huck this across the office all day?  Promosapien thinks you're a top gun client and we don't want you to forget it.  Balsa wood gliders are natural, eco friendly and fun.  We customize each with our client's name.