Upcycled Masks

Did you order promotional t-shirts for an event that didn’t happen as planned?
Or maybe your company rebranded?

Are you looking for a unique, eco-friendly way to repurpose them? If your shirts are
100% cotton or cotton blend and lightly screen printed, we have the solution for you.

Don’t have the shirts but love the concept? No worries. We can supply salvaged materials.

The upcycling process is so simple

This t-shirt to mask process is exclusive to Promosapien and takes advantage of your fabric
or ours. Either way, material is removed from the waste stream and that’s a good thing!

We can include printed areas of the fabric to highlight the upcycling. And the best part is that
the entire process happens right here in our Vancouver offices.

Step 1

The first step is preparing the shirts for the laser cutter.
If the ink is thick we avoid including the graphics.

Step 2 – Seaming

The two layers are joined together in the embroidering machinery.
A seam is created in the middle and a gusset for the adjustable elastic.


Step 3 – Edging

The two layers are cut down the middle, folded, then edged along all seams for comfort.


Once the elastic is added the masks are ready for wearing. Simple.





















20 – 48 $14.40
52 – 96 $11.90
100 + $9.90

If you supply the material the cost per drops by $1 per mask. 

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photos of the staff at Promosapien Promotional Products