Meet Shorna – The Branding Bard

How long have you been with Promosapien?
A little over 10 months! Partaaayyyyy!!!

How did you get into the world of promotional products?
I did have a bit of a stint from Bangladesh where I worked with promo products for the US market. After moving to BC, I came across the vacancy at Promosapien and it was just a combination of timing, continued interest and excitement of exploring the Canadian market. And just like that, 7 months flew by and not a boring day in sight!

What’s your day-to-day look like at Promosapien?
I start by getting organized. Since I have multiple projects running simultaneously at different stages, it’s important for me to track progress first and check my calendar to see what’s going on throughout the day. A nice warm mug of ginger water helps. *ZEN MOMENT*

Next I start with making my staple “to do” list. So old school but effective! I prioritize and start working.

A lot of my time is dedicated towards coordinating between different departments, communicating with new and existing clients, qualifying leads and pitching to clients. I enjoy making mockups for clients to get their ideas visualized. When I am not responding to emails, I am working on helping update our inventory or researching new products. A minimum of one americano is essential at this point.

I also get to attend PK’s and events which usually have food, freebies and there is just so much to learn! Love it!

What’s the best part about working in promotional products?

Freebies!! 😂

Do you have a favourite GO-TO promo product?

Seed paper!

Why is it your go-to?
They are a great add on or packaging option as once you throw them away, they end up sprouting into either some wildflower or herbs! It serves your purpose and helps our planet too.

What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen with a logo on it?
Custom spice rubs.

Do you have a favourite promo product?
Foldable totes! Easy to pop into a purse or in your pocket and looks great when you get your are flexing it on the street.

Everyone at Promosapien has a nickname. What’s yours and why?
They call me the Branding Bard! I genuinely love branding.

It’s so amazing how you can personify a symbol or a name or a logo and in the process differentiate yourself from the crowd and clutter. 

Branding done right is so powerful and I just enjoy being a part of the process.

When you’re not at Promosapien, where can you be found and what will you be doing?
Probably home watching some K-drama and enjoying some home made comfort food.

Email Shorna if you need some fun merch ideas to brand your business: