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Your Logo on Tentree Apparel

July 29, 2020

Have you been looking for the perfect blanks to put your logo onto? Promosapien is pleased to announce a unique…

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Upcycled Masks

July 8, 2020

Did you order promotional t-shirts for an event that didn't happen as planned? Or maybe your company rebranded? Are you…

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Link Tree

July 3, 2020

We're reaching out to ask you to help us grow our presence online. If you were happy with a project…

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Introducing the Zoom Mullet

May 15, 2020

Promosapien can help keep your upper half looking professional on video calls while your lower half kicks back in pure…

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COVID-19 Face Mask Styles

May 12, 2020

Got masks? Are you getting ready to reopen? As of May 1, 2020, we have 4 different styles of masks…

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