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Recent promotions

Meet the Sultan of Swag

July 18, 2019

Meet Promosapien's "Sultan of Swag". Connor has been with the company for almost three years and has a reputation for…

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Stoneware Mugs

July 11, 2019

Ceramic Stoneware Two-Tone Mug Make an immediate impression with this matte black, dishwasher-safe, ergonomic ceramic mug. Wow your clients with…

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Meet the Product Whisperer

June 7, 2019

Around these parts, Ben Jolin is known as the "Product Whisperer". If you've been lucky enough to work with him…

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Meet The Fixer of Everything

April 15, 2019

Jeanette Romero is known around these parts as the “Fixer of Everything”. If you need help, you know that asking…

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Meet The Mojo Mentor

March 27, 2019

Meet Tani Bocaya, one of Promosapien's newest staff members! Tani hails from the Philippines where she was an exhibit designer…

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