Swag Spotlight on the Gastown Grand Prix

Promosapien recently had the opportunity to collaborate with longtime client Global Relay on their annual event, the Gastown Grand Prix. Together we used apparel, custom products and some out of the box thinking to create a cohesive brand story.


Branded Apparel
Branded apparel is vital for events as it creates a sense of unity and identity among participants and volunteers. People become walking advertisements, increasing event visibility and creating lasting impressions on attendees. For the Gastown Grand Prix, organizers and volunteers were professionally presented and easy to spot in the crowd.

Custom Bags
Custom bags and backpacks offer a plethora of options to suit every need and style. From eco-friendly to tech-integrated designs, they elevate brand visibility while providing practicality and versatility for users.
Everything about this Global Relay backpack is custom, from the lining to the zipper pulls to the rubber embossed event patch.

Surprising Swag
“Out of the box” promotional items grab attention, leaving a memorable and unique impression. Their quirky nature sparks curiosity, engaging audiences and enhancing brand recognition effectively. The Gastown Grand Prix cowbell is the perfect bit of extra swag for a cycling race and makes the perfect keepsake.


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